The Pros And Cons Of Scientific Management

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Register to read the introduction… Every employee is different, each company workflow may have different characteristics, and different time and locations may incur difference problems the affect motivation and empowerment of the employees (J Wood, R Zeffane, M Fromholtz, R Wiesner, A Creed, 2006). But using of time studies has taken away their motivations and empowerment. In order for the company to increase productivity, the company reduces the employee’s leisure time. The core job dimensions sure as skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback are all missing in the picture of scientific management (, 2011).

Lastly, in my opinion I would agree that scientific management is a good idea in management as without scientific management, we would not have mass production and without mass production, manufacturing cost would be much higher than it is now. Without scientific management, time needed for someone to obtain something will be much longer. For example, Mac Donald’s is a fast food restaurant and it is called the fast food restaurant because it mass produce food and effectively fast in producing too.

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