The Pros And Cons Of Invasive Species

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Nowadays, urban growth has become a big treat to the environment. The transportation and the construction of facilities have introduced different kinds of invasive species in Seattle. Moreover, the illegal waste dumping and lack of maintenance also help spreading the invasive species. The common invasive species in Seattle are English Ivy, Himalaya Blackberry, American Bull Frog and fox squirrel, etc. The invasive species usually compete and edge out the native species. After a period of time, a dead zone will be created, only the invasive species would still remain and the native species are all died because of insufficient nutrients to grow and reproduce. It is believed that if invasive species keep staying in these areas, nearly 70% of native …show more content…
The environment service I did in Burke-Gilman Trail is one of these projects hosted by Green Seattle Partnership.
For the project in Burke-Gilman Trail, I was basically responsible for mulching and removing the invasive species such as Blackberry, Portugal Laruel and English Ivy. Invasive species could have a very similar appearance as the native species. I had to distinguish the invasive species and remove the roots of the invasive species to terminate their growth. Firstly, Himalaya Blackberry has a similar appearance as salmonberry. However, they are actually different in detail; Himalaya Blackberry tends to have green and thorny branches whereas salmonberry tends to have brown and smooth branches. Moreover, Himalaya Blackberry usually consists of five leaves whereas
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The mulch is usually requested from Madison Park. It is composed of chipped, compost, shredded leaves, manure and straw. The decomposers in mulch will break down the organic matters in mulch and convert it into inorganic nutrients that the plants need. First of all, we cleared the area by removing the invasive species and weeds. Then, we put coffee bags to cover the whole area and wait for mulching. When people look closer to the mulch, people can often see vapor is releasing from the mulch and wood chips. The vapor is come from the decomposition by decomposer. Once the mulch is ready, we sheet the mulch evenly on the top of coffee bags and the area can then be spared for planting in next

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