The Proof Of The Whipertiewoo

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The Whipertiewoo, an omnipresent purple fuzz ball with five legs and one eye, a creature I just created. Due to me not having any proof of its existence- I shall write a book. This book shall be the word of the Whipertiewoo and therefore prove its existence…Wait, What? You don’t believe in it…that is exactly how ‘god’ came into existence.
I have always lived my life without a belief in ‘god’ or an ‘afterlife’. So why is it that so many are willing to just rollover and accept that god exists, especially when seventy-five percent of all British scientists know that there is no god? These scientists include the greatest minds of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, so why do we believe a book which is thousands of years old, written by the
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A team of psychologists in the Netherlands looked into this recently. They induced a dream state in four hundred subjects and convinced them that they had died. Next they asked the subjects to describe their setting and only twenty-five percent of those involved simply replied “nothingness” or “darkness”. The others met the researchers with a standard definition of heaven: fluffy clouds, pearly gates, their loved ones (most of whom were not dead), angels and harps. Those who had replied with these definitions were given further psychological tests including looking into their background and religious beliefs. One hundred percent of those who gave the definition of heaven were in fact Christians and twenty percent, of the one hundred people who gave an answer of nothing, were also Christian. This allowed the scientists to disprove those who have had near-death-experiences and have stated “I went to heaven”. They have proven that they only experience these things because of their belief …show more content…
Stephen Fry said in an interview on Irish TV: “Yes, the world is very splendid but it also has in it insects whose whole life cycle is to burrow into the eyes of children and make them blind”. So, the magic man, god, created this creature too, or did it come into being through evolution? Since the creatures "eat outwards from the eyes”, they couldn’t be a creation of ‘god’ so Fry stated: “Why? Why did you do that to us? You could have easily made a creation in which that didn’t exist. This is simply

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