Essay about The Promotion Of Eating Disorders

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The Promotion of Eating Disorders in the Media and its Impact On the Body and Mind
The portrayal of thinness in the media and its relation to beauty has lead to an increase of eating disorders and body image issues throughout society. The increase of the idea of being thin is what makes one beautiful not only impacts the way people see themselves but also causes them to act upon these thoughts of insecurity and doubt with eating disorders. These eating disorders are most commonly anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.The way people are portrayed throughout the media has created a false sense of happiness and beauty which leads to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa but these disorders also lead to a negative impact on the person 's mental state. The media can have a very negative impact on a person 's body image which also leads to a huge toll on them mentally and physically. This will be proven by the experiments and studies mentioned.
The study by Krisna Patel, Kate Tchanturia, and Amy Harrison, An Exploration of Social Functioning in Young People with Eating Disorders: A Qualitative Study (2016), shows an impact of eating disorders on young adolescents .The study places the participants in four separate focus groups to allow them to discuss questions relating to their disorder with more ease the groups were divided by the reasons the ward patients were admitted. Groups that were noticed to be unable to communicate in a group setting were…

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