The Process Of Labor And Birth Step Essay examples

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The process of labor differs in every woman. Not all women have a natural birth or follow the stages of labor and birth step by step. Labor is an unpredictable process that may or may not happen on the expected delivery date. For example, I had the opportunity to provide comfort when assisting a patient on the day of her delivery. Labor and delivery require support, patience, and hard work from the health care team. Women can have a vaginal delivery or a caesarean. Although, there will be occasions where a woman is expected to have a vaginal delivery but due to a complication she will have an emergency caesarean (C-section) instead. One important difference between a caesarean section and a vaginal delivery is how a woman does not have the option to decide whether she wants to get the epidural anesthesia or not. The caesarean section requires it because it prevents the woman from feeling the low transverse incision that is done to get the baby out. There are various women who are having a vaginal delivery and ask for the epidural anesthesia to help relief the pain the contractions are causing. According to Gambling, “The technique has been refined over the past 20 years to provide laboring women with higher-quality pain relief, less leg weakness, and more control over the administration of pain relief medication” (Gambling, 2013, 636). For instance, the patient I was with asked for the epidural anesthesia when she was dilated two centimeters due to the pain on her abdomen…

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