Essay on The Problem With Asperger Syndrome

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Imagine yourself sitting in a classroom between the ages of 5 and 9 thinking that you are just a normal child; education is going well, no problems with developing language. At that point, another child approaches you and you find yourself uncomfortable not knowing how to handle it, in turn not understanding what their body language means. Suddenly that one day has turned your life upside down due to the fact you have just gone to the doctor and became diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. At this age, you may not know exactly what this means,on the other hand, you do recognize that you’re different from the other children around you. A form of autism considered to be on the “ Higher- functioning end of the autism spectrum,” called Asperger Syndrome.
One evening while I was at work a young man named Andre came in- as sweet as can be- but to me, he just seemed out of the ordinary like something was off. I assumed he was just a customer but then my coworker began talking to him and asking about his day and other small talk. She then introduces me and the next thing I know, I 'm being handed a balloon and participating in a contest to see who can blow it up the fastest. I didn 't ask questions, just went along with it. After that, he visited my workplace on a weekly basis. This game happened almost every time but it will be something different like a math game, spelling test, know your states test, or something else. Finally one day, I decided to ask if there is some…

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