The Problem Of Wilderness And Green Space Essay

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This week’s readings together thoroughly examine human’s fascination and relationship with the concept of wilderness and green space such as lawn and garden. In “The trouble with Wilderness; or Getting Back to the Wrong Nature”, William Cronon makes the point that “there is nothing natural about the concept of wilderness” (1996:79). By demonstrating two sources of the wilderness preservation movement, the “sublime” and the “frontier” (1996:72), Cronon shows that wilderness is not the solution of environmental degradation, but is the product of modern, industrial civilization, and thus part of the problem. After arguing that the idea of wilderness could be a threat because it lets people “escape from responsibility”(1996:80), Cronon proposes the solution that if wilderness can serve as a reminder for us to be mindful of otherness and respect nature, it could become part of the solution to environmental problems. In “Love of the Lawn”, authors first explore the sources of people’s love of the lawn from the perspectives of aesthetics, economics, politics, psychology and evolution, and then introduce the history of lawn from the French formal garden, to its English counterpart, and to its conquest of the New World and many hostile environments in North America. Finally, in “The Human Gardener”, by examining Capek’s work, Harrison shows the gardeners’ dilemma between their “active, motivated character”(28) and the “inefficacy and essential passivity” (28) because of…

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