The Problem Of Waste Management Essay

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In out current day and age, waste management is an industry that is often taken for granted. Society goes on day by day unaware of the collective contribution individuals, households, businesses are making towards filling our landfills. For the past 80 years, landfills have been mankind’s temporary solution to a much more permanent problem. Pictures of land fills have become the poster child for environmental advocacy groups over the course of their history. The waste management industry has sat relatively content on their landfill oriented waste disposal process but have recently seen shifts in their external business environment accompanied by the lack there of in their internal environment. Waste Management’s senior officials and company culture lack contextual intelligence while the socio-cultural dimension of the company’s external environment demonstrates a trend towards landfill skepticism and potential technological improvements are on the brink of either becoming a threat or opportunity. The internal environment of the company is characterized by a rigid reliance on landfills. With 75% of profits stemming directly from 273 landfills, the company currently is not in a position to deal with changes in the previously stagnant waste industry. The CEO appears to be an effective leader as his willingness to listen shows that he is willing to remain versatile and make the changes needs to satisfy stakeholder needs. On the other hand, the senior officials who are…

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