Sydney Vs San Francisco

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In the modern world, waste production and diversion have become a crucially important issue that cannot be ignored. With the growth of the population and rapid development of the technology, the world now has immense waste production. Highly advanced cities with growing populations have a great requirement of resources in order to sustain the needs of the city. In consequences, the rate of waste production escalated along with all these factors. Sydney and San Francisco, at first sight, are considered two cities under a different system. However when the development of recycling system, collection method, and the ultimate goal are considered, similarities can be found. The recycling system of Sydney and San Francisco will me compared and contrasted …show more content…
The massive amount of waste transported to landfill did not only come from the residents and citizens in both cities but also from the domestic and international visitors traveling to the city. Sydney and San Francisco are both popular touring destinations, San Francisco has an average of 13.5 million domestic and 2.8 million international visitors per year ( Wright, 2012) while Sydney has approximately 8 million domestic and 2.8 million international visitor per year ( Destination NSW, 2013). Considering the amount of visitors that has traveled to both cities, it has extensively increased the waste produced annually. The current issue for both cities is the same, a more sustainable system must developed to solve the issue of currently existing landfills reaching its maximum capacity.

 Despite all the similarities in the recycling system, these two cities have some differences between their recycling systems. On policy making, in particular, San Francisco is one step ahead Sydney on policy making. For example, the State of California, where San Francisco is located, has an act named The California Beverage Container Recycling and Littler Reduction Act.

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