The Problem Of Drug Addiction Essay

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Drug addiction is one of the most concerning problems to many people today. They cause many negative effects on people’s lives and futures, and it is very easy to get addict to drugs. Many easily fall into drug addiction because of many reasons, such as family and society depression. When people are soaking themselves into drugs, it is very difficult to quit, and they will destroy their own lives and futures. There are several causes of drug addiction including curiosity, lack of self-control, and anxiety.
One cause of drug addiction is curiosity. Teenage is a point where young people can be easily lured by drug because the curiosity in the young age. Many do not have the awareness of the dangers of drugs that it can hurt family bond and friendship, and more serious it can lead to suicide. Since teenagers are not mature and curious about drugs, they likely to make a wrong decision for their future which is using drugs, and that decision will have a brutal effect on their lives. To illustrate this, many teenagers start to use drugs when they are seventeen or nineteen. They drop out of schools and choose to have fun friends with the use of drugs. Soon these young teen will need more money to afford their use, and they turn out to be thieves to steal other’s items for money. Another factor contributes to drug addiction is peer pressure. Adolescence is the point in human lives when teens most desperate to try the new experiences. At this point, teenagers usually try new…

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