The Problem Of Drug Addiction Essay examples

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Drug addiction is a large and vastly growing concern in today’s world. While so many people are affected by being addicted to drugs the debate has grown on whether it is caused by a brain disease or if it is caused by a person’s behavior patterns and choices. The importance of deciding between the two has a large impact on what legal and medical personnel are supposed to do with drug addicts. My own personal opinion I believe that drug addiction is a choice rather than a disease. As you will see in this paper I do not doubt that drugs do in some way affect ones brain, but not to the extent to classify it as a disease. I also believe that drug addicts do have control over their “drug of choice” which also would take addiction of the disease category. Looking at journals such as “Is addiction a choice”, “Addiction and the brain” and “Addiction, Dopamine, and the molecular mechanisms of memory” will contribute to my opinion of this topic. The article “Is addiction a brain disease” there is a section where neuroscientist Steven Hyman explains how drug addicts have more control over their addiction than people think. As Hyman explains drug addicts are not “zombies” who are controlled only by the stimulus of their drug of choice. Even though the drugs may have a strong effect on their behaviors the person can still complete other tasks. The article also states an addict’s drug is not the only force driving them to take it. Stress and boredom play a role in when a person gets the…

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