The Principle Of Mediocrity

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Does God really exist? Lee strobel interviewed Lee Wesley Richards, a philosopher and a Guillermo Gonzalez, a scientist in regards to how there is some evidence, from astronomy regarding God’s existence. The Principle of Mediocrity, which is the notion that our surrounding and our evolution are typical rather than exceptional, has been shown to be false through given examples drawn on from astronomy.
Due to inequality, Dr. King, a leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, and his followers refused to comply with certain laws they strongly believed were unjust. Further, Dr. King explained there is a distinction between just and unjust laws and the role that it played in his views on civil disobedience. In addition, Dr. King and his followers used four basic steps while in Birmingham that’s involved in any non-violent campaign involving civil disobedience. Further, Dr. King explained that one who breaks a law must be willing
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He obtained his degrees in astronomy and physics and later earned his master’s degree and doctorate degree in astronomy from the University of Washington at Seattle (The Evidence of Astronomy, p.159). In addition, he received three advanced degrees in philosophy and theology and a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary (The Evidence of Astronomy, p.159). According to The Evidence of Astronomy (n.d.), Gonzalez is a member of the International Astronomical Union and the American Scientific Affiliation and works as an assistant professor at Iowa State University, the vice president of Discovery Institute, and he is an author of various works and many articles that were published in journals and featured on the covers of popular magazines, such as Scientific American. Moreover, together Richards and Gonzalez authored “The Privileged Planes” (p.

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