The Prayer Of Public Schools Essay

1372 Words Apr 20th, 2016 6 Pages
“One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” For decades, these immortal words have rung from the mouths of thousands of Americans every day. Around the classrooms of public schools, at the beginning of sports meets, in the opening of a military meeting, the “Pledge of Allegiance” brings Americans back to the good ole’ days of fighting for our freedoms, loving our neighbors and earning our equality. But can the “Pledge” promise freedom and fairness to all when the oath itself is discriminatory towards American minorities? Should a pledge that only references the Christian majority serve as the oath for America, a nation that prides itself on equality, tolerance, and justice? Should we continue to recite an oath that disregards nearly one hundred million American citizens because of their faith? Most importantly, can we ignore institutions who punish thousands of Jewish, Islamic and Hindu children for refusing to swear fidelity to a foreign god? As a nation built on the foundation of religious freedom, these injustices are unacceptable. Imagine standing up every morning and declaring to “one nation, under Allah” or “one nation under Yahweh” or “one nation under Brahman.” Doing so would betray a Christian 's—or any other religion’s beliefs. So why do we force a third of our country to do just that (“America’s Changing Religious Landscape”)? That is why to preserve the diversity of America, America must remove the phrase “under God” from the “Pledge…

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