Essay on The Power Of The King 's Right Hand Man

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Now that Thomas Cromwell was Henry the VIII’s right-hand man, it was his duty to follow through with Henry’s plan to detach religiously from Rome. This was the ideal opportunity for Cromwell to prove that not only was he loyal to Henry and what he wanted, but that he was also capable of going beyond even what Wolsey had achieved. Fortunately, Cromwell recognized the power of the people in Parliament, and planned to use that power to his advantage in securing the strength of Henry’s overall power. His plan was rather simple, but could have completely fallen apart had it not been dealt with properly. Parliament needed to be convinced that the King’s sudden claim for supreme power was totally legitimate, and that the proposition to end Rome’s power and replace it with Royal Supremacy would be beneficial. In 1533, an Act referred to as the Act in Restraint of Appeals was passed through parliament. This ensured that Rome no longer had the ability to weigh in on matters pertaining to matrimonial or testamentary cases. The Act was especially significant when talking about the main problem, which was Henry’s need for the divorce and annulment from Catherine. The Reformation in England was built on this Act, and would continue with relative ease after the passing of this piece of legislation. From this point on, for all intents and purposes, Cromwell was in control of the government. He remained careful however, to pretend that Henry’s rule is the only one that has any sort of…

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