Essay on The Power of Education: Mary Wollstonecraft

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The power of education: Mary Wollstonecraft Mary Wollstonecraft believed that there was more that women could do to improve the way they were view’d by society. The work that was produced by Wollstonecraft improved immensely the roles of women. The roles of women in the 18th century were very limited, women had no voice, “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” was the reason for the change in social roles. The fact that Wollstonecraft was able to have such an impact on all these women, and express that they truly played an important role on society during this time was something no one had done before. In “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” Wollstonecraft expresses that it is not fair that women are always being judged by men, and she …show more content…
Women were proud of their sensibility, they had feelings, were sweet and did as they were told. “I once knew a weak woman of fashion, who was more than commonly proud of her delicacy and sensibility... I have seen this weak sophisticated being neglect all duties of life...” pg 320. A person with the quality of being sensible defined the ideal woman. Asking to have rights was almost like competing with the man of the household, as if the woman was superior. Receiving an education or receiving any kind of freedom was believed to change a woman’s temperament. This could have in fact been a true statement but it would have also helped society develop different traits that could have made it successful a bit faster. Just because women received an education and had the knowledge to make a difference in society did not mean that things were going to change in a negative manner. The idea that Mary Wollstonecraft was trying to get across was that women could do just what men could do, they could make a positive impact on society without being or believing that they were superior than anyone. Now women have gained the right to vote, property rights, equal education and the right to enter the workforce. During the 18th century it must have been hard to think that women could work, but now we realize that everything can be done with a balance. With an education not only men but women have realized that they can be independent people, that depending on someone to take care of

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