The Portrayal Of Crime By The News Media Accurate? Essay

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Is the portrayal of crime by the news media accurate?
During this assignment, I will discuss how the distorted pictures of criminality are presented to the public and how the media portray crime and how crime gets into the media.
Crime is an act that breaks the law. And a criminal is a person who has committed a crime that has broken the law and has been legally convicted of that crime.
The media plays a vital role in educating the public on what we know about crime. As we are educated about crime everyday, from what we hear on the radio, from what we see on documentaries, films and soaps. From what we see and read in the news papers and on the internet and social media such as Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, instagram and video games and much more. According to Greer 2009:177 ‘Mediatised age’.

The media get their information on crime from real victims, perpetrators, neighbor’s, friends and family members of the victims/perpetrators, that have been affected by crime directly or indirectly. They also get there information from, Social networks such as You Tube, Twitter and CCTV. Which has not been truly analyised or investigated media before they publish the story. Crime has become a big part of our everyday life, as it is in the media every single day. According to Reiner (2007a) “ around a fifth of news stories and a fifth of films are about crime” . Which is a key issue to how the public view our society today. As it is commonly understood that the public believes…

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