The Police Of Scotland Yard Essays

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I. The Police
The Whitechapel (H) Division of Scotland Yard played a key role in creating an image of Jack the Ripper and in aggravating tensions between the stories told by the press and the public of Whitechapel. Before the Ripper killings, Whitechapel was a filthy slum full of prostitutes, violent gangs, corruption, and crime. In these “bad old days,” the police were already dealing with many crimes and gang violence. The Metropolitan Police had become more organized to reduce gang activity in London; their detectives were not trained for something like the Ripper. “Until 1842, the police saw themselves primarily as performing the function Parliament had established them for: prevention of crime.” A detective unit did not even exist until that same year. Policing murder was new to the Metropolitan Police, and the gruesome and mysterious Ripper murders were their worst nightmare. Some police were transferred to Whitechapel in 1887, including Detective Walter Dew, who later became the detective that caught famed murderer Dr. Crippen in a transatlantic chase. According to Dew, the first two victims were viewed as gruesome, unconnected murders. A pattern was not detected until Mary Ann Nichols’ body was found with similar wounds to the other two murder victims.
Dew 's division attempted to solve Emma Smith 's murder. The signs of rape and her empty purse made them think it was the work of one of Whitechapel’s notorious gangs. These gangs were often paid by prostitutes in…

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