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On October 27, 1932, Sylvia Plath was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Otto and Auriela Plath. Her father worked for Boston University as a German instructor and a biology professor (Steinberg 13). The family understood the importance of education and so they learned English quickly. Otto published his first monograph Bumblebees and Their ways when Sylvia was two and Aureila 's college thesis "is not for the weary" (Steinberg 14). Needless to say, writing was in her blood.
Her first stories included characters such as faries and magical creatures coming right to her front door (Steinberg 14). This could be because her parents read many stories to her, paving the way to an eager imagination. The family moved away from the ocean and into the
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She wrote many different poems speaking about the emotional turmoil she endured. "The poems became Ariel, the manuscript of which Plath assembled before her death and that would go on to speak for her after her voice was silenced" (Steinberg 27). She could not handle the stress that had come from the emotional turmoil of the affair and divorce, along with raising her children alone; she committed suicide in 1963. "Like Anne Sexton, her contemporary, and other confessional poets, including Robert Lowell, Plath wrote about taboo subjects such as depression, mental and emotional instability, and familial and domestic problems" (Godspeed 1). She was a voice of change in the way people thought about these certain subjects. "I think my poems immediately come out of the sensuous and emotional experiences I have"- Sylvia Plath. This, indeed, is what enabled her to be such a profound writer.
A well known poem by Plath is "Mirror". It is about a mirror narrating it 's life and the matters in which it witnesses daily. The mirror talks about the hostility it receives from those looking into it as if the honest reflect is somehow the mirrors fault. The mirror also talks about being a lake and having a women come to the lake to gaze at her reflection everyday until she is

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