Essay about The Plaza Inn

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The Plaza Inn


David Bart, General Manager of the Plaza Inn, received a letter from the hotel association of which the Plaza Inn was a member. The letter stated that the hotel’s service levels did not measure up and that the front desk and reservations, two critical departments, received the worst ratings among all of the association’s properties. Unless the management of the Plaza Inn could submit a plan for guest service improvement and pass the next inspection scheduled in six months, its membership would be rescinded. In fact, at the Plaza Inn, the inability to efficiently expedite phone calls and respond to guest needs was troubling to Bart, not only from a guest service perspective, but also
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Since the front desk cannot perform adequately and is costing the Inn customers, Bart should computerize sales, housekeeping and catering departments and even add a computerized check-in kiosk in the lobby to relieve the chaos at the front desk. In addition, Bart should install a customer relationship management (CRM) system to track guest interactions and allow employees to call up past service records. This would enhance customer service at the Inn and make the hotel more competitive with the Ritz-Carleton, a hotel known for its outstanding customer service. CRM would coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service so that these departments work together smoothly. The Plaza Inn could also benefit from technologies such as Web services, blogs, and social networking to enhance customer relationships.

4. What changes in culture are needed at the Plaza Inn?

The Plaza Inn needs to change from a rigid to an adaptive culture. The corporate culture is fixed, and although the Plaza Inn was highly successful in 1983 under Antoine Fluri in a stable environment, it became a victim of its success when the environment changed in 1991 during the Gulf War. The cultural values and practices that helped attain success are detrimental to effective performance in a rapidly changing environment. For example, the lack of computerization gave the Plaza Inn a small, intimate atmosphere in the 1980s, but in the current environment, it causes delays and

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