Essay about The Planet Of The Earth

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The planet consists of many complex and mind boggling facets of nature, including the seasons, various biospheres, complex ecosystems, and more. In order to gain a better understanding of earth, researchers constantly explore a vast array of subjects, including the atmospheric conditions of the planet; these intrigue scientists and generate many questions, especially regarding trends in temperature and its relation to the atmosphere. Although scientists don’t know everything in this area, they have been working to learn about it as much as possible; for instance, scientists now have a much greater understanding of the composition of the atmosphere and the way it affects the temperature of the earth.
Nitrogen and oxygen compose 99% of the atmosphere; however the remaining 1% has received the most attention in recent years (Schneider, 32). This 1% hold the title of most important because they create the greenhouse effect, which makes the earth habitable for humans and many other animals. Despite many believing all greenhouse gases harm the environment, without them the earth would have an average temperature of -1 degree fahrenheit, which sounds extremely cold, but only represents the average, leaving the temperature of the coolest places on earth at unimaginable lows (Schneider 32).
Greenhouse gases help warm the earth in order to make it liveable. The sun emits solar radiation, which the earth absorbs about 50% of and reflects the rest. While absorbing the solar radiation…

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