Essay The Plague Of The Bubonic Plague

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The Bubonic Plague was a deadly disease that killed at least twenty-five million people and devastated Europe from the 1300’s to the early 1700’s. The Bubonic Plague is also known as the Black Plague and the Black Death. The Bubonic Plague is a disease that was very deadly. Many religious people thought the disease was an act of God. They thought that God was punishing them for the sins they have committed in life. Others thought it was an act of witches and Jews. This disease lasted for over four hundred years. This disease was caused by the bacterium called the Yersinia Pestis (History). Fleas usually would carry this disease. The fleas would usually travel on small mammals or rodents, such as rats. They infected the rats as they travelled on them and once they died, they would hop on another mammal or rodents and repeat the same process. The effects of the plaque towards humans were excruciating. To start off, the plague caused fevers and painful swelling of the lymph nodes called the buboes, that’s why it is called the bubonic plague. The swelling could sometimes get as large as an egg or a small apple (Eye Witness). Some people’s tongues even turned into a whitish, pale color (Middle Ages). Then spots would appear on the affect areas on the infected people. The spots would first appear red and then over time they would appear black or blue, hence giving the alternative name, the Black Plague. Death would most likely happen a week after being infected. Later on, two…

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