The Piece, Us And Them By David Sedaris Essay

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The piece “Us and Them” by David Sedaris is an amusing and thought provoking work that focuses on David’s childhood reaction to a family that “does not believe in TV”. By describing his personal experience, the author makes the reader think about human interaction and how something as simple as television can demonstrate the difference between people who merely observe the life of others, and people who actually engage with their own life and make the best out of it.
Though the author does not explicitly state the intent of the essay, it is possible to catch it through his use of irony throughout the whole piece. For example, on multiple occasions, the author describes the Tomkeys’ lives as uninteresting and puny, when his family life revolves solely around a TV. The Tomkeys family provides a great contrast to the way the author’s family spends their time.
In the beginning of the piece, the author talks about his family’s move and his mother’s reluctance to make friends. Her reason for “not getting too close to people” is that they would move again in a year. This would seem like a plausible reason to some, but the author goes on to say that their next house would be only a mile away. By adding this fact, the author is letting the readers know that “the move” is only an excuse for the family to continue being antisocial. The concept is further proven when the author writes, “Because they had no TV, the Tomkeys were forced to talk during dinner.” The word “forced”…

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