The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay examples

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The Victorian Era was the mid nineteen centuries to the early twentieth century when a woman’s role was to be at home having nothing to do with work or out of home things. The feminine side was looked to as powerless. It kept women from having any sort of power and made sure that women were not look at as normal people not only in the eyes of men but women as well. The Picture of Dorian Gray displays the aftereffect of disregarding women. In this novel, the way the male characters treated the women it was as if the women were not important and this was shown through the evil acts of Dorian Gray.

Summary of Contents Dorian Gray displayed his first act of evil on Sibyl Vane, an actress that he falls in love with, when he talked to her about the performance. Dorian Gray said that she was shallow and stupid in regards to her feelings toward him. The discernment of Dorian Gray finally recognizing his love for her acting rather than her as a person shows us the wrongful treatment of women in the Victorian Era. Because of his castigation of evil towards someone, his soul changes and shows the change in his painting. “His rejection of Sibyl is cruel, and it is the cruelty that he first notices on the alerting portrait.” Since he did not care about the feelings of Sibyl at that time, he became selfish and would eventually become evil. The way that Sibyl was treated resulted in her killing herself rather than Dorian Gray grieving. Lord Henry taught Dorian Gray to…

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