The Philosophy Of Aristotle 's Philosophy Essay

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Ethics is the standards of right and wrong that advise what humans must do. Epicurus is one of the philosophers who taught about these ethics. Epicurus believed that the purpose of life was to attain pleasure. He believed that by attaining pleasure, one can live a good, happy life. Although this was his view on life, other philosophers such as his contemporary, Aristotle, had different views of what the purpose of life was. Epicurus was one of the major philosophers during his time. He was an ancient Greek philosopher who lived from 341 BC to 270 BC. Epicurus died from kidney stones. He grew up in an Athenian colony called Samos which is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Epicurus studied under followers of Democritus and Plato. He is also the founder of Epicureanism which is a school of philosophy. Epicureanism was one of the major philosophical schools in its day .The school he taught his philosophy in was actually his house and garden and was known as, “Ho Kepos” which translates to, “The Garden”. This led to Epicurus being called the “garden philosopher”. Epicurus was a writer, but many of his work did not survive as they were destroyed by Christian authorities who thought his ideas were “ungodly”. Epicurus had such a strong impact in his community in Athens that it flourished even after his death. Epicurus taught that the purpose of life was to attain pleasure. This has been controversial for over 2000 years because humans tend to reject pleasure as a moral…

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