Essay about The Personality Disorder ( Bipolar Disorder )

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In life we all go through experiences that cause our moods to change for better or for worse. There are times that we experience degrees of great joy and happiness just as other times we experience great sadness and despair. These polar emotional opposites can be brought about by a cornucopia of circumstances such as joy and excitement of getting married or the birth of a child to the deep sadness and grief over the loss of a loved one’s employment. Friends and family may not understand bipolar disorder at first. They may become frustrated with the depressive episodes and frightened by the manic states. Feelings of joy and feelings of sadness are normal parts of human life. Some however are unfortunate enough to be forced to cope with these emotions to the extreme and on a regular basis. Some individuals must further cope with an ever present emotion rollercoaster, switching from one emotional extreme to the next with regularity. This personality disorder is known as bipolar disorder. “Bipolar disorder is a chronic, recurring, lifelong psychiatric illness that is often unrecognized or misdiagnosed in clinical practice.” (Gershon 5). Bipolar cycling can either be rapid, or more slowly over time. During severe or manic or depressed episodes, some people with bipolar disorder may have symptoms that overwhelm their ability to deal with everyday life, and even reality. Since ancient times bipolar disorders have been recognized for a change in mood, energy, and ability to…

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