Essay on The People Of Ontario, Ontario And Rivers

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Wendat/Ouendat, also various names Wyandot or Wyandotte people of Ontario. They lived along rivers and lakes where they would be most likely find wildlife, fresh water and good soil for crops. Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay, Lake Ontario and rivers such as Black Creek. The Wendat lived along Black Creek, located in North York. Black Creek flows south to the The Humber River in Toronto ON, Canada. The area is just North of Toronto in the Municipality of York Region. The area development is a commercial and residential area in a Hydro corridor of Toronto. There is a path running along Finch Ave. between Keele and Jane street where Wendat longhouses have been found. (

The Wendat/Ouendat the “People of the Island,” were separated and split up when the Haudenosaunee, a Iroquois tribe now known as the 6 Nations, had conflicts with them over lands and resources. The war caused them to spread out across Ontario. The Wendat were farmers and traders. The woman mainly cleared the area where they grew their crops. “The Three Sisters” which are the three main foods: squash, corn and beans. The Three sisters were also traded for other goods. The men worked in the bushes and forests where they hunted deer, bear and beaver. The males also fished in the lakes and rivers. The hunted with bow and arrows and spears. They fished with poles, nets, and hooks carved from bone. They used the animal fur for clothing to keep warm in the winters, they designed…

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