The Overall Advancement Of Human Biology Essay

726 Words Dec 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Transhuman is about the overall advancement of human biology and how we can further the human race with technological and biological enhancements. With enhancements comes the question, what should we enhance and why. For every individual, the answer would be different, whether it’s leaning towards more technological integration, or various biological enhancements such as perfect vision, longer life expectancy, or even full disease immunity. One very important aspect of transhumanism, which I find to be incredibly useful, is that of memory. Memory is, obviously, something we all have and it determines our connection to certain things and certain people. Our memories are what shape and sculpt our personalities, and decide how we react to certain situations. In relation to transhumanism, it is important to acknowledge the importance of memory, when talking about super memory, or the ability to alter and erase some memories, the implications are endless.
With memory, comes the question, what to do with memory. In relation to super memory, maybe humans would make it so we remember everything that we have ever read, seen, heard, done, so overall we would be a walking encyclopedia of information per person. There are many different positive and negative aspects of this scenario. Some of the positives are quite simple, from being able to study for a quiz and/or test once and be able to ace it, to always remembering where you put your keys. Having a refined memory has many benefits,…

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