Essay on The Origins Of The Fur Trade

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The fur trade was a significant point in history regarding the relationship between the Aboriginal Peoples and the Europeans. It was a key factor in shaping North America into the land it now is. The trade brought European goods, permanent trading posts, European communities and settlers across the waters over to North American. The relationships between the English, French and the Natives developed, as did conflict and war. War among the parties occurred when those involved wanted to control the fur trade. The Iroquoian Wars were a series of conflicts primarily between the Iroquoian against the Huron, Algonquin and French. This lead to many deaths, but was inevitable when two vastly different cultures meet with one seeking the economic benefits of the other.

The Iroquois Wars were described to be an incredibly bloody and violent period in time. These wars lead to the victory of the English over the French, shaping the history of North America into the land it now is. The conflict begun when the Iroquois tribes wanted to expand and take control as the middle men over the fur trade. Although they had their goal, the Huron and the Algonquin along with their French allies stood in their path. The origin of these wars were the desire to obtain the goods they became dependant on, through the trade of pelts with the Europeans. As the highly desired beaver became scarce, the Iroquois sought to expand their land and rid themselves of the competition. By doing so, they would have…

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