The Origin Of Black Population Essay

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In New Orleans the origin of black population was diverse, being most of the time the western part of Africa or the Caribbean. It is in this diverse cultural context in which originated the appearance of musical styles as diverse as Jazz, Cajun music, Zydeco and blues.
In many areas of the South of America the drumbeat was prohibited by law, in places like Georgia and it was forbidden the use of any musical instrument for part of the slaves. However in the early 19th century music festivals with drums and African dancers were organized frequently in New Orleans in Congo Square , Memphis, Kansas and Dallas. The musical instruments used were percussion instruments similar to those used in African music. The slaves used to have Sunday off and organized parties in Congo Square, which lasted about 1885, coinciding with the emergence of the first bands and jazz songs.
The songs and dances were largely interpreted as functional, whether for work with songs and screams of field, or use for rituals. The most important characteristic here was the melody richness. The African tradition made use of simple melodies in its music, these elements were soon combined with harmonic concepts from European music.
The ecclesiastical estates tried to control the music of slaves forcing blacks to sing psalms and hymns to convert them to more European musical styles. In many cases, the effect was the opposite. Alan Lomax said “Blacks were Africanized psalms to such level that many observers…

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