The Onset Of The Story Essay

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In the onset of the story, Gordie presents the characters, their personality traits, and their family history directly to the reader. On page 296, Gordie describes Teddy and the way he thought of him when they were kids. "He was the dumbest guy we hung around with, I guess, and he was crazy. He 'd take the craziest chances you can imagine, and get away with them." By describing each character directly, the reader is able to understand why the characters make the decisions and react to them in the manner they do. When the boys are trespassing at the dump, Milo Pressman continues to call Teddy 's father a loony. Teddy reacts with becoming extremely upset and defends his father. At first, this does not make sense to the reader because Teddy 's father burnt both of his ears off. This incident has left Teddy impaired and the reader learns at the end, he is unable to join the army due to his impairment. If the reader had not been told that Teddy 's father had served on the beach at Normandy during World War II, then one would not understand why Teddy was defending him. Likewise, the reader would not understand the recklessness of Teddy and his obsession with war.
Although Gordie is telling the story from present time as an adult, the literal story takes place in Maine in 1960. Throughout the story, Gordie and his friends are embarking on the beginning of Jr High and in the midst of their adolescence. Considering the time difference, the reader must adjust to the differences in…

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