The On Planet Earth And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Planet Earth was made up of several fragile ecosystems. With one action caused an equal and opposite reaction. For example, when an earthquake happened several other events can occur. This caused a chain reaction for other disasters to happen. In 2011, the ground underneath Japan had an earthquake that did not only shake the ground but it shook the future of the country for years to come. Japan sat at the junction of four major tectonic plates. The Philippian plate had been sinking under the Continental plate a few centimeters every year. This is the reason why the area was geologically vulnerable. Because of the threat of earthquakes, the Japanese were prepared for such events to occur. Investigators used sound waves to monitor the structure of the sea bed. Concerns over major earthquakes in the Nakai Trough rose throughout Japan. Scientists had discovered eerie vibrations that frequently occurred there. Although these tremors were so minor humans could not feel them. These were created by underground movements called ‘slow quakes.’ Scientist believe that a slow quake may be able to predict when a major earthquake might take place. March, 2011, the radars predicted a tremor of a magnitude of 7.0 on the rector scale (). Warnings went out to the people. Chris Oldensin had lived in Japan for thirteen year and tremors like this were a part of every- day life “Earthquakes are a sufficiently common and people don’t concern themselves with them overly. Some of them are so minor…

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