Essay The Nuclear Power Of Chernobyl

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On April 25, 1986, scientists working at a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, a city located in the Ukraine on the border it shared with Belarus and Russia (the Soviet Union at the time), were preparing for a test. This test was meant to see how long turbines would last to supply power to the main pumps if there were ever a major loss of electricity. This exact experiment had been done a year prior to the incident, but the power from the turbine ran out too quickly, so new designs for the voltage regulators were being tested. The scientists shut down a number of safety measures including an automatic shutdown if something was to go wrong and they had also shut down the unit 4 reactor due to the need for regular maintenance.
Early on April 26 of that same year they began the test. Almost immediately after they began, some early warning systems went off, telling them that there was too much power being exerted from the generator. Fuel elements began to break which created an increase in steam generation. As more and more pipes burst, more steam was created, and there was a lot more pressure in the reactor. Two explosions soon followed. One was created by the pressure the steam was making in the building and the next the followed only moments after the first was mainly due to chemical reactions between certain elements and the steam.
Kopachi was a small village just south of Chernobyl. Of all the villages and cities surrounding the center of the explosion, this village…

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