The North And The South Analysis

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The North and The South: Is there any difference?
Why is Freedom so difficult to obtain? The North at times can be just as deadly as the South for African Americans. Many times it may not be as physical but there are more similarities than one might think. In his essay, for both Baldwin’s “ and Ellison’s “ there is difficulty adjusting from their Southern ways to conform to Northern norms. While racism against African Americans is blunt and very open in the South, racism in the North is very subtle and less open.
Ellison has a hard time letting go from his Southern ways. New York was a dream to him but still everywhere he went he looked for differences between the North and the South. Whereas in the South an African American was only allowed
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Living in an unfair world around segregation it was hard to get a job. Baldwin had certain expectations for there to be no complaining and for everyone to stand their ground in the black community. Although he rants about the injustice of society and suffering that the poor go through he does not give solutions to problems black people go through. Although Baldwin sees differences between the white and black neighborhoods and which were better off, he felt it was wrong for problems in the black community to be were being brushed off. “” He did not quite get the loss of hope that riddled the people in the ghetto. He saw how police patroled the projects, noticing how black people treated their homes. Baldwin wishes that ghettos didn’t exist at all. Although all citizens believe whatever they're doing is truly right thing to do, he knows as a black man himself how people wish he was dead and the revolution that is still to come. His only wish was to be treated as an equal with no verbal intimidation or physical violence that happens more often in the South. To Baldwin, living in the North should be considered a luxury but there is a preference to the South so may not have to play guessing games on who is racist and who is not. But each time that racism is heard around the world it hurts him from segregation in North America to apartheid in South Africa. “They do not escape jim crow: they merely encounter another, not-less-deadly variety” (Baldwin 5). In the North, the danger is carnality. Northerners don’t have to think about racism while the South can’t stop, they are ignored in the North while in the South, they are “surveillanced.” Both treat black people badly and neither is able to look at as a person of color as just a person. There are for two purposes only either a “ward” or a “victim.” The South can’t change unless the North does. Baldwin believes that denying humanity to a person is

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