The New England Colonies

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Englishmen crossing the Atlantic created different societies in the Chesapeake, the West Indies, and New England for several reasons. The Chesapeake and West Indies was a society based on economic exports. The New England colony was formed out of religious persecution. The difference in the development of these colonies led to the way of life in the colony, the relationship with surrounding Indians, and the struggles of the colony. The one thing that was common in all of these societies was the ability to survive. It is evident in the history of these colonies; that one may have different motives, but when it comes to life or death one will always do what it takes to survive.
King James 1 chartered the Virginia Company in 1606 and the company
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While the establishment of the Chesapeake and the West Indies was more economic; the establishment of the New England Colony was about religious disagreement. A group of Separatist known as the Pilgrims left England for Netherlands sometime between 1607 and 1609. They were convinced that England was not born out of the Reformation. They went to Holland to worship freely, but after ten years they realized their children had become more Dutch than English. After intense negotiations with The London Company and rough travels the landed on place they named Plymouth in the late 1620s. The first year many suffered and died due to the lack of supplies. An Indian named Squanto helped the settlers learn to fish and farm like the Indians. He also introduced them to a powerful chief of the Wampanoag Indians who they shared the first thanksgiving with. This helped the Pilgrims survive and establish a religious haven.
The establishment of the colonies of New England were all based off of religious beliefs. The New England colonies used free labor instead indentured servants or slave labor. The desire for conversions led to the expanse of new colonies. While the end result was ultimately conversion for the lost there were minor disagreements on church membership which led to the founding of Connecticut and New Haven
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However, the main difference in the way these colonies were established is the reason for the establishment itself. The Chesapeake and West Indies wanted to create an economic enterprise, but the New England Colony only wanted a place they could worship freely. This is not only reason for the differences in the establishment of each colony, but also the wellbeing of the colonists. While the establishment of all the colonies was God’s plan for America, it is clear that He had His Hand on the Puritans. This is the reason for the health and peaceful way of life given to them. Instead of them wanting to gain wealth they only wanted to grow in worship and for that God blessed them more than the Chesapeake and West Indies’

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