Essay about The New Deal And The Great Society

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The New Deal and the Great Society were two of the most compelling political strategies introduced by a president. Franklin D. In 1932, Roosevelt set in motion the New Deal; his primary focus was known as the three R’s: relief, recovery, and reform. For recovery, Roosevelt focused on reorganizing the banking system; this included implementing a bank holiday, organizing the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Homeowners Loan Corporation. Reform, focused on changing systems to prevent something like the Great Depression from happening again; for example the Securities and Exchange Commission was put into action in 1934 in order to prevent the market from crashing. The third R, relief focused on lowering the unemployment rate and creating jobs. Both policies were useful in boosting the economy, cleaning the environment, and in providing equality among the American people.
The Great depression was nothing less than a tragedy; the nation desperately searched for brighter days. During a period of economic crisis, where unemployment rates were at an all time high and thousands of families were left homeless, the nation demanded a radical change and for someone to take charge and save the country. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the man with all the answers and the change desired by the American population. Roosevelt was born into a wealthy family in 1882. He was well educated and attended top schools such as Harvard College and Columbia Law School. Because of his…

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