Poverty And Its Effects On Health, Education And Society

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Poverty is a worldwide life changing issue with limited solutions to its various problems. Millions are born into this endless cycle with no hope for it to change, so many do not get a chance to prove their capabilities, and they have no choice but to continue on with living their lives. Poverty increases the desperation in people as they struggle to survive, so they often cannot address the effects of poverty. The experience in the areas of health, education and society, and therefore are unable to escape the situation.
Poverty has a great amount of impact on an individual’s mental and as well as physical health, In poverty, parents efforts to make sure that their children reach their full potential decreases due to stress and various troubles.
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Although one needs education to escape poverty, many do not even receive the basic education because of it. So several generations get stuck in this never ending cycle unless someone beats the odds and somehow changes their lives and by doing so also the lives of the next generation. “Growing up poor, for the women in our study, often had negative effects on long-term economic outcomes, and there is every reason to suppose that these women 's own children will suffer similar negative effects” (Vartanian and McNamara). Many of the children work from a very young age to help their parents financially, in turn those children who have great potential but lack education , which prevents them from changing their lives. Many countries fail to provide free education to children so they get one more step away from escaping …show more content…
According to a research, “One point of view, sometimes called ‘the culture of poverty theory,’ holds that within poor communities certain cultural attitudes that discourage economic success are passed from one generation to the next. These attitudes—and lack of organized family life—may arise in response to the harsh conditions of poverty” (“Poverty”). Many children living in poverty do not receive much support from their parents who would rather have their children working or taking care of younger siblings while the parents work. Unfortunately, several of these children start their schooling with a disadvantage and some drop out before they even have a chance to finish it.
Perhaps the worst effects of poverty effects of poverty are seen in society as a whole .For example, without proper prevention information, there is a higher chance of teen or unwanted pregnancies. Even with a lack of essential resources to have the basic necessities of living, impoverished people tend to have more children than their middle or upper-class counterparts. This is because of the lack of education or awareness, disregard for women 's health along with their opinions, and the sad reality to have more children for the mere purpose of them working so they can bring some money into the

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