The Nazis And The American Government During World War II Essay

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The Nazis and the American government had opposing expectation toward women during World War II. The United States motivated women to replace men in the workforce while they were at war. The Nazis did not account for the loss of men in the workforce but they also did not want women working so ultimately they lost the war. The United States, along with its Allies, won World War II because they encouraged women to work while the Nazis wanted women marry and have children.
“Woman 's world is her husband, her family, her children and her home. We do not find it right when she presses into the world of men,” (Women in the Third Reich). Hitler believed in traditional ideals regarding gender. He thought working was a man 's job while caring for children and tending to their home was the job of a woman. Hitler demonstrated his views in Nazi Germany by restricting the rights of women and encouraging them to be mothers. Women were expected to raise at least four children in order to have the ideal family unit (Skimin). Hitler 's encouragement of families to have many children rooted from the idea that if there were lots of children now in the future Germany could have a very large army. In 1932, Hitler ran a campaign for his election, in which campaign he declared that if he gained power would take the 800,000 women out of the workforce (Women in Nazi Germany). When Hitler came to power in in 1933 thirty seven percent of women were employed. He thought the best way to make…

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