The Nature Of The Forest Essay

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She could see out into the forest. This range was the closest to her farm that Archer could do any hunting in. The rest of the land was turned into fields by the practical folk that lived hereabouts. Archer loved this forest, the freedom and the sense of the wild, untameable growth that sprung all around her, called to her like a siren song. She was never happier than right in this moment, just her, the trees and her prey.

Carefully she side stepped across the forest floor, the dry crunchy leaves crackled softly underfoot. Her father hadn 't quite taught her everything about woodcraft yet, she was only thirteen, much too young to be out here alone. As silently as she could she stalked deeper into the forest, the trees here grew thick and closely packed together, often-times over one another in a strange unfettered cacophony of life. There she thought as she peered around the trunk of a large oak, its bark slick with moss and dew, there was what she was after.

In the middle of the clearing was a dummy.

Its construct was basic, the shape vaguely resembled a large deer though not quite so impressive. Quietly she reached down into her quiver and brought up two thick arrows, the shafts a dark blue and the fletching even more so. She had made them herself, her own signature colour. Her father had said that part was important, to know which was yours and to make it with your own hands. She didn 't know why and her father never explained, hoping as he always did that she…

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