The Nature And Nature Of The Natural World Essay

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Areas that have been effected by overconsumption and the conflict this has on nature and society

The natural world has fallen victim to the anthropocentric ideal of evolution as the natural world has been overconsumed by society in order for global development. Cronon (1995) states that natures worth is measured and judged by civilisation, claiming that society produces a dualistic world of humans and nature being placed at opposite ends of the spectrum. This ideal is ironic seeing as development cannot be achieved without nature, and nature cannot be sustained and conserved without the protection of society. Cronon (1995) displays the false truths of society as we live in an urbanized world although beliefs are held that our natural home is the wilderness, which is presented in a biblical standpoint. Society hold claim to nature as it serves a useful purpose for development and power over all things natural, although it is this power that has led to the demise and destruction of nature.

Sakar (1999) states that during the 1980s, biodiversity was of major concern to biologists due to the alarming rate at which the environment would suffer from anthropogenic extinction. Society was faced with this problem as they did not consider the environment when evolving creating devastating ecological problems for both protected areas and non-protected areas. Berkes (2004) discusses the conceptual shift in ecology, from reductionism to including humans in the ecosystem, as well as a…

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