The Native American Aid Program Essay

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Introduction Forgotten in the various well known tribes of America, The Caddo Nation strives to preserve their culture in the rapid moving society around them. Over the past half century, many Natives have relocated to cities and are determined to accustom to their new way of life. Which means clinicians in healthcare will need to familiarize themselves with Caddo culture in order to effectively care for their new patients. In this report, information regarding communication, health beliefs and practices, educational backgrounds, and etc. will provide plenty of knowledge to care for a Caddo Indian. The Caddo Nation like many other tribes that live on reservations endure unpleasant “third world like” poverty. According to the Native American Aid Program (2015), families on reservations suffer from underfunding, unemployment, inadequate health care, and insufficient housing. Drastic measures, like leaving the reservation in hopes of finding a job, have to take place for a father trying to clothe, feed, and shelter his loved ones. As a consequence of scarce health care on reservations Native Americans, such as those of the Caddo Nation, suffer from a number of health problems like heart disease, alcoholism, cancer, diabetes, smoking, and etc. (Center for Disease Control [CDC], 2013; Office on Women’s Health [OWH], 2012). So, when a nurse receives a patient from circumstances such as these, the best solution is to listen to their patient’s words closely and determine the best…

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