The National Socialist Party Spread Anti Semitism Essay

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The National Socialist Party spread its anti-Semitism along with other propaganda in large portions through Joseph Goebbels who produced speeches that were published and distributed weekly to all Germans. The first speech to be examined is ‘The Jews are Guilty’ which includes a ten point summary of essential actions that must be followed, similar to the 10 Commandments but of Nazi Germany. The second article, ‘The War and the Jews’, is used as a guide on how to spread anti-Semitism and the importance of winning the war and therefore the war against the Jews. Goebbels’s propagandist speeches of antisemitism and a victimized Germany explain the popular disregard most German civilians had towards the Jewish Population.
Goebbels being the Minster of Propaganda means his ideologies was what was being printed in newspapers, on the radio, and made into posters around towns; there was no access to any alternative interpretation of events or ideas. During the 1941 speech, “The Jews are Guilty”, succeeding the mandatory display of the yellow Star of David revealing the ‘enemy’, Goebbels illustrates the reaction of the public was of dismay of the quantity around them. Ridicule any Jewish sympathiser as being ignorant to the fact that “if one extends even a finger...they chop the whole hand off” (43) as well as equating sympathesors to Jewish people themselves. In both speeches, Goebbels, speaking for the National Socialist Party, justifies the treatment of Jewish people by declaring…

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