The National League For Opposing Women Suffrage Essay

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Representation 1
Representation 1 is accurate,it 's written the same time as the suffragette movement was happening showing it isn 't false about what 's happening at that time. Its accuracy is also shown as the representation is from an A level textbook.A textbook for students learning about the suffragettes would have to be accurate as its purpose is to teach the A level students, they wouldn 't put incorrect information in the textbook as the students wouldn 't learn the right things.A lot of the content is accurate too.” The National League For Opposing Woman Suffrage was founded in 1911”, Facts like this prove representation 1’s accuracy.

Representation 1 is balanced as it lacks in opinion and is not at all bias. Representation one is more factual than opinionated which makes it balanced as it has points which are true from both sides.”the government remained unmoved on the issue” although it does show the views of the government had on the suffragette, it did not show any views on what the public thought about the suffragette or even what a suffragette thought about their campaign for suffrage.

In representation 1, there is a a little bit of completeness but mostly negative points on effect of the suffragette campaign. “Marches and demonstrations , battles with the police and attacks on property were all extensively reported by the press” This shows how the suffragettes methods of gaining publicity and acknowledgement rather negatively, Although it does show that…

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