The Narrator And Point Of View Essay

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A narrator and point of view are two entirely different things. The narrator is the person that delivers the story to the reader, and point of view is the narrator 's connection to the story being told. All stories are told by a narrator, not a character, but the narrator uses a point of view to tell the story. Author 's do this because, when done seamlessly, the reader will become engrossed and won 't be able to register how the story is being told. They won 't know whether or not it 's being told directly or through a character. Typically, narrator 's are present in first person or third person point of view and even though a narrator is created by an author, they should be thought of as a distinct person who is simply delivering the story. When writers use multiple points of view, it allows the reader to learn what drives each of their characters to do the things they may do. Sometimes authors use several points of view because it keeps the tension up, the pace going, and it adds variety in their stories.

Multiple points of view allow authors to keep the tension up in their story. An author doesn 't want their reader to get bored, so by using several views it lets them shift heads and keep the reader on their toes. Mary Shelley does this in her novel Frankenstein. This novel is about a young man, Victor Frankenstein, who reconstructs a dead body and has a great guilt for creating such a thing. When the monster realizes how he came about and is rejected by mankind, he…

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