The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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The United States’ constitution allegedly adheres to the promotion of civil liberties of the American people, but in reality, persecutes the African Americans held in bondage. Frederick Douglass shines light on the persecution of his race in his narrative. Douglass was born a slave, yet died a free man. He fought hard to educate himself, and to establish himself as an intellectual human being, rather than an object for ownership. After he escaped slavery, he made it his goal to educate the public about his experiences as a slave. His eloquent public speeches, and his famous autobiography increased awareness about the wrongs of slavery, and encouraged people of all races to take a stand against it. His belief in human rights is prevalent in his writing and his speeches. Douglass emphasizes the idea that the slaves were deprived of rights, not only by slaveholders, but by the United States government. Through his narrative, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Douglass argues, as an abolitionist, that the United States and its constitution are morally wrong because it allows the deprivation of slaves’ rights, and that slavery tarnishes the ideals of the United States and its constitution. Douglass was born a slave in Maryland. He was briefly taught the alphabet by his slaveholder’s wife, but after she was caught, he had to teach himself to read and write. It was through reading that Douglass’ opposition to slavery began to form. He read…

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