The Myths Of Development As Progress Essay

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PART II. 1. The myths of development as progress that are presented by Mies and Shiva is through science and technology. Modern science sees itself as universal, that the thinking behind it brings conclusions or answers about life, people, our planet, basically everything, examples of this is scientific advancements such as the Scientific Revolution and it claims to benefit everyone (Shiva., pg. 22). This is not true as feminists and Mies and Shiva argue, and have found that development and the Scientific Revolution, only benefits privileged white males, and degrades women and nature (Shiva., pg. 22). Shiva also puts emphasis on the fact that science is seen as the mind and is always right, but that is not the case, science can be ignorant. An example in the book, is when women are delivering babies, if doctors or science tell women they must do a C section, and women say no that they know her own bodies and want the birth to be natural, they are seen as in the wrong (Shiva., pg. 23). Women are seen as in the wrong because science told her otherwise, even though she was the one experiencing the birth. Through development, scientists view productionists (women and nature) to be mechanical, to run like machines and science is ignorant as it looks down upon the producers and allows violence to exists among them (Shiva., pg. 24). Reductionism and the reduction of human reproduction is reducing ecosystems into a single component and function, and by doing so, is breaking down…

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