Essay on The Myth Of The Oppressed Becoming The Oppressor

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The Phenomenon of the Oppressed becoming the Oppressor

The dilemma and correlation to indigenous people and ethnic conflict as they struggle to survive and thrive in a world that consistently try to strip them of their dignity and humanity.

He retorted, “Am I My Brother’s Keepers?” rings loud and clear in my ears and in the deepest part of my consciousness as I study and reflect on the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. This was the response given by Cain to God when asked, “Where is your brother?” in the story of Cain and Abel (Gen 4:9). Cain in a jealous rage killed his brother Abel because God accepted Abel’s sacrifice, but rejected Cain’s. The inference to this question was that everyone is to be responsible for how we react to our brothers and sisters to prevent against harm, violence and injustice. The “keeping” is to be the love and respect for each other that erases selfishness and greed which can lead to hatred and oppression. Israel, according to the Biblical accounts chronicled many of our scriptural events. Is it the place of many Holy sites and where God chose to come to earth as a human in the personage of Jesus. This is where Jesus began his ministry, suffered, was crucified and resurrected from the dead. And it is where everything will end as described in the Book of Revelation. Among the list of Biblical stories, it is for us as Christians, the establishment of the first Christian church. The Middle East has long been a region of conquest…

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