The Myth Of All Soul 's Day Essay example

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According to Marchi (2009), a Roman Catholic tradition, a pilgrim returning from the Holy Land took refuge on a rocky island during a storm. There he met a hermit, who told him that among the cliffs was an opening to the infernal regions, through which flames ascended, and where groans of the tormented were distinctly audible. The pilgrim told Odilo, who was the head of the monks in a town in eastern France, who appointed the day following (November 2) to be set apart for the benefit of those souls in purgatory. What has yet to be investigated is what today’s symbols of All Soul’s Day mean to those who celebrate it. To accomplish this, I analyze the myths that surrounded All Soul’s Day, and I focus on how the symbols that come out of these myths help to support the meaning of All Soul’s Day. I first propose that certain myths about death are expressed on this particular day. I further investigate how family plays a role on this day. Finally, I investigate how family plays a role on this day. Finally, I investigate how the symbols of: skulls and skeletons, food, and the colors show certain parts of this celebration. The journey that souls take when they leave this place has always been a mystery. However, there are some myths that surround death itself. According to Quartier (2010), the Netherlands and in Mexico it is believed that the souls of the children return to their families on November first, while November second is set aside for the departed adults. When the…

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