Jamestown Vs Plymouth Colony Analysis

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After the failure and mystery of Roanoke, England took another shot to assert the English dominance in a still newlywed America. England hired the Virginia Company of London to send three ships, the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed to settle in Virginia with good intentions. The congregation of Englishmen aboard the ships had instructions given by the Virginia Company to search the Virginian coast to find an area of land that would be both fertile and defendable against outside threats. The Englishmen correspondingly received orders from King James I, the charterer of the Virginia Company, to spread Christianity, to discover treasure, and to discover a rite of passage to the Pacific Ocean. Upon their arrival, they searched for what would be the most ideal area to colonize. Once the search concluded, they settled upon the Chesapeake Bay, which they believed was apt to the criterion. However, they prioritized colonizing wherever they deemed appropriate, and they did not prioritize finding the wisest location to colonize on. In the future of Jamestown this proved to be the most careless decision made that led to numerous problems. If compared to the Plymouth Colony, if Jamestown colonists had kept an open mind as to where the wisest area would be to settle down upon, the settlement would have been more successful and would have …show more content…
The colonists never searched for the rite of passage and never discovered any treasures to send back to England. The location they decided to colonize upon was an unknown mistake until they saw how the resources were essentially killing them. Undrinkable water, diseases, Native American ambushes, and no way to recover the population devastated the Virginia Company of London and the country of

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