The Mystery Of Dracula By Bram Stoker Essay

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Every one knows the tail of the legendary Dracula. The first and the greatest vampire that every existed in the world of fantasy or the real world who really knows. But one thing we do know is that the legend of Dracula has lived on throucth the agege and with every generation that passes by we all add or reinvent the legendary tail of vampires. For ensample the story of the original vampire Dracula originated. In Romania, because of a young warlord who came to power named Vlad Tepes- vald Dracula. history states him as a cruel man that loved to torcher. This gained him the nickname of vlad the impaler after his favioret means of toucher. A man named bram stoker took this and reinvented him as Dracula the vampire. The first entry of dracual to the entertainment world.

In Bram stockers Dracula, Dracula wants to conquer the world and he has a plan to travel to London and there is where he would turn everyone into vampires. Dracula plans to use Jonathan harker a businessman travels to Dracula classes in transalvaney

Brams stockers Dracula not only shows the world a blood thirsty vampire who was suppose to be a member of high society but also should the world the role of a powerful sexualy liberated women a complete shock to society at the time she did not want to be a common Victorian era wife that wanted to strength her husbands position but instead she wanted power for herself as she played with the feeling of the three suters that want to weed her she selected the best…

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