Essay on The Moving Particles Semi Implicit

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The Moving Particles Semi-implicit (MPS) method was introduced in the mid-1990s by Koshizuka et al. cite{Koshizuka-1995} to simulate incompressible flows with free surfaces. As a fully Lagrangian particle-based method, it has several advantages in modeling of free surface flows with large deformation, fragmentation and merging, solids with complex geometry, multiphase flows and multiphysics problems.

In recent years, much effort has been done to solve the problems of huge processing time associated to large amount of particles required for simulating practical problems with desired refinement.
However, the efficient use of the currently available computational resources, such as computer cluster, remains as a challenge.

One of the critical points due to the large amount of particles is the searching of the neighbors of each particle.
On the other hand, to ensure the incompressibility of the flow, a semi-implicit algorithm that requires the solution of Poisson Equation of pressure is adopted, leading to the numerical computation of a very large linear system in every time step.
In addition to this, unlike the traditional Eulerian mesh-based methods, the matrix structure of the linear system is not fixed, because the topology among the particles may change when the particles displace.

From late of the 1990s, much effort was directed to increase the scalability and the computational performance of the MPS method, through the use of shared memory parallelization and by the…

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